S125-LC Dynamometer

Details and Specification of S125-LC Load Controlled Dynamometer.

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Latest Software Released

The latest release of ‘Dyna Run V3’ Dynamometer control software Version 3.22.0 has now been released to all registered users.


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Newly developed and updated Ignition Pick-Up System, please contact Dyna Pro for more information.


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New version of Dyna Run V3 has now been released.

Version 3.22.0 of Dyna Run software has now been released to all registered users.



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Dyna Pro to Release Car Dynamometers


Dyna Pro Dynamometers have announced the release of there Car Dynamometers, the first two models will be capable of 600 hp and 1000hp.

More details to be released soon.


S125-LC Motorcycle Dynamometer


S125-LC Chassis Dynamometer with Eddy-Brake


S125-LC Dynamometer



The Dyna Pro S125-LC is a High Inertia Eddy-Brake Controlled Dynamometer and has been designed and developed for the ‘Professional’ engine tuner, as well as retail shops and service centres. All Dyna Pro Dynamometers will provide consistent, repeatable results.

The S125-LC Chassis Dynamometer, has been developed to enable the user to carry out a more complete range of tests. Full 'Closed Loop' control of the Eddy-Brake enables a vast range of tests to be made with the minimum of effort. Wind Drag, Sweep and Step Testing & constant loading are just some of the features of the Dyna Pro S125-LC. With the LC Dynamometer, inertial acceleration testing can still be performed as with the standard S125 & S68 Inertia only Dyno’s.

With Dyno Pro's advanced windows software, Dyna Run V3,  operating the Dynamometer is simple and user friendly. Software upgrades are usually released once per year, and all Dynamometers come with a day’s training.

‘Seat of the pants’ testing is pure guesswork, a dyno will give you figures fast, and let you know and diagnose exactly what is happening in the heart of the motorcycle being tested. The Load Controlled range of Eddy-Brake Chassis Dynamometers is a breakthrough in terms of performance for money and all Designed and Manufactured, ‘in house’ by our highly skilled workforce based in Basingstoke, UK.

Inertia Dynamometers will only handle ‘Sweep Acceleration’ testing, where as Load Controlled Dynamometers will handle both ‘Sweep Acceleration (fixed load & Variable load)’ and ‘Static’ testing at any given engine speed or road speed.

All of our Load Controlled chassis dynamometers come as standard with a Hand Controller Pendant, Intelligent Ignition Pick-up System, Starter Motor System including battery and charger, Air Brakes for emergency braking on power failure, 12 additional analogue input channels for custom sensors, Real-Time Torque measurement of the Eddy Brake, and temperature compensation.

Dyna Pro Dynamometers is so confident of its products, quality and reliability that all of our machines come with a 2 year replacement parts warranty.(excluding consumables)



Standard Hardware Features

  • S125-LC Load Controlled Dynamometer.
  • Eddy Brake with Torque Monitor fitted as standard.
  • Eddy brake system fully Closed-Loop with Infrared temperature compensation.
  • Fast Dynamic Load Control of Eddy Brake (No user PID control, Self learning)
  • Calibration Check Weight and Arm.
  • Dyna Run V3 Advanced Windows Software (Software Upgrades Free for life).
  • Dynamometer to PC USB Link
  • Multi Function Remote Hand Controller.
  • Intelligent Ignition Pick-up™ system fitted as standard. (Primary and Secondary)
  • Starter System fitted as standard (Also used to calibrate Dynamometer).
  • Air Brake System (With emergency lock-down in the event of power failure.)
  • 12 Auxiliary 0-5 Volt Data Acquisition Inputs, for connection to additional sensors.
  • Machine Construction from 3, 5 & 10mm Precision Laser Cut steel, powder coated finish, Blue & Yellow.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • 1 Day Training (at Dyna Pro Works)
  • 2 Year replacement parts warranty.(excluding consumables)

Optional Accessories

  • Twin Cooling Fans System (High Speed, High Pressure - Operated from Hand Control Pendant). ***
  • Wideband Air Fuel System. (Single Channel, Double Channel and Quad channel). ***
  • Weather Station (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure & Relative Air Density). ***
  • Gas assisted Loading Ramp. ***
  • Keyboard Monitor Shelf. ***
  • 4 Channel Type K Thermocouple Unit.
  • Ram Air simulation System (Calibrated to road speed).
  • Infrared Temperature monitor (up to 500C).
  • Exhaust Extraction Kit.
  • Exhaust Arms.
  • Carbide Drive Roller Coating.

Items shown '***' above come as standard with the show package deal.


S125-LC Technical Specification


  S125-LC Dynamometer Specifications 
  Maximum Power (Dynamic)   600 hp   Vehicle Type   Bike
  Maximum Power (Static)   270 hp   Loading Type   Inertia & Eddy Brake
  Maximum Torque   500 ft/lb    
  Maximum Rear Wheel Speed   200 mph   Speed Encoder System   Digital
  Modeled Mass   274 Kg (603 lbs)   Ignition Pick-up   Digital (Intelligent Pri, & Sec)
  Drive Roller Diameter   45.3 cm (17.83")   Data Acquisition System   Digital High Speed USB
  Drive Roller Width   45.0 cm (17.71")   Length (Without Ramp)    270.4 cm (106.46")
  Drive Roller Inertia   14.0 Kg/m²   Width   179.8 cm (70.79")
  Drive Roller Surface   Knurled (Anti-Corrosion Zinc)   Height (Deck)   44.9 cm (17.68")
  Maximum Bike Length   239.6 cm (94.33")   Height (Overall)   88.4 cm (34.80")
  Minimum Bike Length   120.6 cm (47.48")   Weight (Un-Crated)   1250 Kg (2750 lbs) (Approx.)
  Timing Accuracy   50 nano seconds
  Speed Accuracy   0.01 mph   Supply Voltage   190 - 240 Volts ac 50/60 Hz
  RPM Accuracy   0.1 rpm   Maximum Supply Current   32 Amps
  Calibration   Factory Calibrated/Check Weights   Air Consumption   <1 CFM (120 psi Max)


S125-LC Technical Specification Downloads


   S125-LC Dynamometer (High Inertia)
S125-LC Picture S125-LC Specifications 
Specifications (511KB)
S125-LC Dimensions 

Dimensions (625KB)
S125-LC Picture 

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Model Type:

Load Type:
Inertia & Eddy Brake

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Specifications subject to change without notice.

If you require any help or assistance then please call or email us. sales@dynapro.co.uk