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Latest Software Released

The latest release of ‘Dyna Run V3’ Dynamometer control software Version 3.19.2 has now been released to all registered users.


Updated Ignition Pick-Up

Newly developed and updated Ignition Pick-Up System, please contact Dyna Pro for more information.


Used Equipment Section

There is now a 'Used Equipment' section with our current used stock list. All used equipment comes with a manufactures parts warranty, and can be dispatched immediately.


New Online Shop (Coming Soon)

There will shortly be an online shop for all spares and accessories for your Dyna Pro Dynamometer. Secure check-out with the confidence of Pay-Pal.

Orders will normally be despatched within 24 hours. 



Current News


New version of Dyna Run V3 has now been released.

Version 3.19.2 of Dyna Run software is being release to all registered users.



Recent News


Dyna Pro to Release Car Dynamometers


Dyna Pro Dynamometers have announced the release of there Car Dynamometers, the first two models will be capable of 600 hp and 1000hp.

More details to be released soon.


Used Equipment in Stock



Current Used Equipment Stock List.

All used equipment is supplied with manufactures parts warranty.

All prices shown subject to VAT and Delivery charges.



RAM-Air Simulation System (Version 1) (Used) (SOLD)

Manufacturers Warranty 1 year


Used RAM-Air System

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Dyna Pro Dynamometers is one of the first Dynamometer manufacturers in the world to develop a dedicated fully closed loop Ram-air simulation system for the motorcycle industry.

Special high velocity / high volume variable speed fans with advanced control systems were developed to simulate the growing needs for engine tuners to be able to replicate the air velocity and air box intake pressures associated to reproduce real world riding conditions.

This system allows the engine tuner to precisely map the fuelling requirement for any given speed and in any given gear. It also gives a quantified number for the effect that Forced Air Induction through the intake system has on real world Air/Fuel and Horsepower numbers.

With Dyno Pro's advanced windows software, Dyna Run V3,  setup of the RAM-Air System is simple and user friendly.

In addition to the advantages of being able to simulate air box intake pressures, the system is also the perfect cooling system, With the ability to precisely cool any bike on test and with the addition of a water temperature sensor, the system will maintain the optimum engine temperature for extended periods of time, which is ideal for endurance testing and achieving consistent dyno results.




Exhaust Extraction Equipment (Used) (SOLD)

Manufacturers Warranty 6 Months (Fan Unit only)



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  • 1 off High Pressure Exhaust Extraction Unit, Single Phase, 200mm Intake (Part No. DP-EGF-200 Version 1)
  • 2 off High Temperature Flexible Hose 500°C, 150mm Diameters, 1.5 Meter Lengths.
  • 1 off Inline Exhaust Attenuators 200mm bore Diameters x 1200 Length.

If you require any help or assistance then please call or email us.